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239 Homestay (Garden view room 2nd for 2 pax)

Prakhon Chai, Buri Ram, Thailand

239 Homestay Ban Khok Mueang Buriram


Ban Khok Muang community is a community way of community of indigenous people according to the Khmer faith to press on the hot spot and fire as expected of the local super, spices, spices, 239 things, 1 tinkering with the environment here, the community Ban Khok Muang is a community way of life. Indigenous people according to... There will be a map to guide you... Reasonable problem, recommended food price, right in the field, great, such as worth the price, worth the price, good quality, worth the price for the whole community, helping to maintain and protect them to last. Use...


- All parties would like to have to ask to be born in society and the environment by bringing it because it is a community to create and be worthwhile. Pulling people out of the community to see the community, the community, come back, come together and help each other to develop the local way of life, creating a suitable activity...

- It is recommended to use the claim of the prospective program 1 time (test sheet, travel towel, handkerchief), practice using and test the washing water.

- Recommend to reduce the use of plastic by using reusable frequency. and refrain from using the Qian suction tube

- Recommendations to reduce the use of electricity that presses the keyboard to the environment, such as energy-saving solutions as you like, energy-saving types, etc.

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