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Baan Laem Suphan Community (Ruen Kon Kee Sao for 2 pax )

Bang Pla Ma, Suphan Buri, Thailand

Kon Keesao house, Ban Laem community Suphanburi Province


House of Chokdee offers a touch of Thai style atmosphere of two communities along the Suphan River. Another old route of Suphan. Both sides of the road are filled with lush rice fields and shady gardens. Old temples and the way of life of the community Distinctive with Thai-style houses that can be seen along the way. Including accommodation that maintains the style of an old Thai house, more than 100 years old, one can say that this area has a perfect blend of old and new ways. until becoming a classic path It has the aura of Ban Laem Suphan community perfectly. It is a charm of the Thai way of life and the river that no one should miss.

Go Green

- Policy No bed linens are changed per stay per stay (bed linens, blankets, pillowcases, towels, handkerchiefs and foot towels) in order to reduce the use of chemicals and water consumption caused by washing.
- Policy to reduce the use of plastic by using reusable containers and refrain from using plastic drinking straws as well
- Policy to reduce electricity consumption by using environmentally friendly electrical equipment such as air conditioners with energy-saving labels. Use energy-saving lamps, etc.

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