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Banban Nannan library and guest home Room no.4 (Suitable for 2 pax)

Mueang Nan, Nan, Thailand

Ban Ban Nan Libraries, Nan Province


Ban Nan Nan, a library and a guest home, has an area of ​​196 square wa, with 2 wooden houses on the same fence. It is both a residence and a library which offers free book borrowing and use of the library space. If borrowing books home, apply for membership by paying a membership fee of 100 baht for life, and students do not have to pay any membership fees. Here, all services are provided in a warm atmosphere, including cafes and bookstores. souvenir shop and accommodation with only 5 rooms, friendly atmosphere Shady with shady flowers and leaves. Peaceful and relaxing like at home. It is also convenient because it is in the heart of the city. Importantly, there are also private libraries that provide services to the public. Suitable for guests who like to read as well.

 Go Green

- This private library's book borrowing policy Facilitate sustainable access to education and learning for guests and people in the community.

- Policy No bed linens are changed per stay per stay (bed linens, blankets, pillowcases, towels, handkerchiefs and foot towels) in order to reduce the use of chemicals and water consumption caused by washing.

- Policy to reduce the use of plastic by using reusable containers and refrain from using plastic drinking straws as well

- Policy to reduce electricity consumption by using environmentally friendly electrical equipment such as air conditioners with energy-saving labels. Use energy-saving lamps, etc.

  • Bicycle
  • Parking Area
  • Wi-Fi

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