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Phet Phu Prai Homestay, Dong Phaya Yen (Suitable for 2 pax)

Ratsada, Trang, Thailand

Petch Phuprai Homestay, Trang Province


It is a homestay in a tree house. Emphasize the use of natural materials in the fields of the fields in their own land. by creating imitations of nature as much as possible Because their area is adjacent to the mountain, the highlight is in the midst of nature. Surrounded by trees over 300 years old, you can see the scenery like nature. Petch Phuprai Homestay A semi-resort house and homestay located in a prime location. because in the midst of the mountains surrounded by many trees cool atmosphere Relax both the body and lungs. In addition, this place also has tent site Meeting and Event Venue tour guide service bike path and trekking activities as well

Go Green

- The rooms are built or decorated with natural materials for environmental friendliness.

- Policy No bed linens are changed per stay per stay (bed linens, blankets, pillowcases, towels, handkerchiefs and foot towels) in order to reduce the use of chemicals and water consumption caused by washing.

- Policy to reduce the use of plastic by using reusable containers and refrain from using plastic drinking straws as well

- Policy to reduce electricity consumption by using environmentally friendly electrical equipment such as air conditioners with energy-saving labels. Use energy-saving lamps, etc.

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