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Baan Phon Villages , Nakhon Phanom (Full Day)

Tha Uthen, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

about the community

“Come, you will know, and you will love” Try to stop by and say hi in Tai Yo style at Ban Phon. The Tai Yo cultural community has inherited the cultural traditions for a long time. and retains a local identity inviting to touch With a distance of less than an hour from the city. Open the door to the peaceful folk way with a smile in the middle of the wide sky field on the blue path of the local weaving pattern. Learn history through beautiful architecture Dine on the best dishes Collect satisfaction through a variety of activities in the community as a friendly person.



  • Welcome at Sala Isan Green A place to welcome the important tourists of the community Used as a place to receive guests, arrange meetings and meet for people who come to contact and coordinate. to talk and get to know the Ban Phon community
  • Cycling in the Tai Yo way Slow down the clock by cycling for community activities. Indulge in the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere on both sides of the road.
  • Learn how to weave bamboo View products from the community including glutinous rice baskets, woven bags, woven hats, experimenting with hand-made fan weaving as souvenirs
  • through organic farming fields Follow the natural way that makes the people of Ban Phon healthy all over the place. backyard vegetables Let's prepare to eat with a community lunch.

Lunch Time

  • lunch From the master chef with Tai Yo menu, local menu from the community.


  • Learn how to make Ban Phon reed mats. Colorful reed mats use heart and skill in weaving. suitable for all ages various sizes and styles Then let's try to weave a small reed mat to use at home.
  • Cycle back to Wat Kamwasi before ending the trip with good memories. and with impression

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Reduce fuel consumption by switching to cycling in some activities
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind can save electricity

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