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Enjoy diving and dying at Koh Pitak community (Full day)

Lang Suan, Chumphon, Thailand

about the community

"Koh Phithak" is on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is only 1 kilometer from the coast. With the peaceful atmosphere and nature of the island. causing tourists to travel to experience the life of the villagers There are various activities for tourists to choose from, such as studying the way of life of the fishing community. Eat fresh seafood from the sea in the area Take a bike ride to see the surrounding islands, take a boat trip, see shallow coral reefs, and more. This is another community that is highly recognized and worth a visit. Because in addition to a variety of activities, this place also focuses on preserving the beautiful surroundings. The island is excellent as well. Until becoming an island that is widely popular today.



  • Arrive at Koh Phithak Pier, welcome community
  • Learn to make tie dye Create your own handmade tie-dye shirts. and bring it back as a souvenir
  • Take a walk around the community and select community products


  • Eat local specialties for lunch from the craftsmanship of the villagers of Koh Phithak community


  • Snorkeling and see the corals around Khram Island, in front of the homestay
  • bath to cleanse the body and return with good memories from this community

Go Green

  • Walking around the island, diving and cooking. Emphasis on using electricity and fuel energy to a minimum.
  • tie-dyeing Use natural colors instead of chemical colors for environmental friendliness.

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