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Orcharder life/Taste of freshness at Khao Bay Sri (Full day)

Tha Mai, Chanthaburi, Thailand

about the community

“Rak Khao Bai Sri Community”, an old community characterized by a simple lifestyle According to the social conditions of agricultural orchards with the abundance of resources in the community and traditional wisdom in agriculture that has been passed down for a long time This is the reason why the community initiated tourism activities that are connected to the way of life of the community here. It is a Khao Baisi fruit that is fresh, clean, safe and outstanding in taste, ready for everyone to learn about community agriculture. From the beginning to the end of the Khao Baisi fruit cycle Along with absorbing the lifestyle of farmers, orchard farmers, taste, see and shop a variety of fresh agricultural products. Not even the old local fruit varieties that are not less than a hundred years old, such as ancient mangosteen and ancient durian, which have a tall and large tree that is unique.



  • together at Rak Khao Baisi Community
  • Take a guided tour of fruit picking and seasonal fruit planting, such as watching the pollen harvesting. Maintenance of orchards, etc.
  • Bring you to join the cooking activities in the orchard. Fruits are collected in the orchard for cooking, such as spicy chili paste, longkong salad, and spicy stir-fried durian.


  •  enjoy lunch with local food from the community Finished off with fruits from the garden, fresh, good quality, because they are seasonal fruits.


  • Cycling around the community See the way of life of the farmers Visit a 100-year-old orchard with a variety of native fruits
  • visit to make confectionery and processing various fruits You can buy souvenirs from the community.
  • Travel back and bring souvenirs from Khao Bai Sri fruit to give to our loved ones.

Go Green

  • Use natural materials Made by myself from bamboo for picking fruit.
  • Vehicles used in the activity are bicycles to reduce the pollution caused by fuel vehicles.
  • The fruits here are grown in season. to produce natural products and friendly to the environment

Route Package

1,355.00 ฿

Price / Adult

1,355.00 ฿

Price / Child


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