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Chak-Ngew Old Town (Full Day)

Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, Thailand

about the community

“Chak Ngaew Chinese Market Community” Pattaya is an old Chinese community. Settled together since the time of immigration from mainland China, more than 100 years to the present. Still maintaining the condition of wooden row houses lined up along the road. A way of life and culture that combines Thai-Chinese identity with a unique identity. The charm of this ancient community is the atmosphere of an old house The shops in the community are decorated with a traditional Chinese touch. The decorations are decorated with red lanterns along the walking path, shops, restaurants, emphasizing red-toned Chinese decorations. including some merchants dressed in traditional Chinese costumes Visitors will learn about the way of life of the community and ancient Chinese culture. Local food, both Thai and Chinese And also get a unique atmosphere from the Chak Ngaew community as well.



  • together at the community meeting point Get to know the community and listen to the story of the community.
  • Activity to fold a basket of kaffir lime leaves and pandan leaves. Unique handicrafts from the community
  • travel to the shrine Guan Yin To pay homage to the goddess with a basket of kaffir lime leaves weaved from the morning activities.


  • Take a break, relax, and then go eat lunch. It is Thai-Chinese style food from the community. Created with care in the ancient Thai and Chinese aura


  • Small Chinese mask activity, paper mache, an invention that well conveys the identity of Ban Chak Ngaew community.
  • Take a walk through Chak Ngaew Chinese Market, taste, shop, and take in the local produce and food here while soaking up the classic atmosphere.
  • Take a commemorative photo before waving goodbye to the community with a memorable impression

Go Green

  • Community tourism activities do not use electricity for the activities.
  • Use a basket of kaffir lime leaves and pandan leaves to worship the goddess Guan Yin instead of using incense sticks.
  • Papermache Mini Chinese Mask Making Activity Use unused paper to reduce waste, add value and generate income.

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815.00 ฿

Price / Child


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