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"Lung" watching, The Giant Chameleon in Krasaebon (Full Day)

Klaeng, Rayong, Thailand

about the community

Tourism community enterprise to conserve the upper trend It is community-based tourism. Community Based Tourism (CBT) was established for sustainable community-based tourism. with various community tourism resources and personnel who are ready whether it is the upper stream canal where nature is still abundant There are a lot of fun activities here. In particular, allowing tourists to take a boat to find a lagoon or a giant lizard. This is another unique and outstanding activity in this community.



  • Welcome activities in the style of the upper trend The meeting point at Wat Krasang Bon
  • Activities to learn local wisdom, make soft sweets, local desserts here
  • Pay homage to the ancient amulets of Luang Por Samritphon Temple community

Lunch Time

Excited about lunch Local food in the raft Soak your legs in cool, refreshing water. in the midst of a chill and comfortable atmosphere


  • Take a cruise to see “Tue Lung” and Atmosphere of life on the river bank
  • Take a tricycle to explore the way of life of the community.
  • Experience the farmer's way See and taste fresh fruit good quality from the garden
  • Farewell to the community and return safely

Go Green

  • Reduce travel fuel consumption to create the least pollution
  • Lunch is created from local ingredients. Fresh fruit picked from the community garden can reduce energy and pollution from transportation

Route Package

1,190.00 ฿

Price / Adult

1,190.00 ฿

Price / Child


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