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Travel in Kao Lak Trang (Full Day)

Mueang Trang, Trang, Thailand

about the community

Ban Khao Lak Rafting Community Enterprise Group, located at Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang District, Trang Province, is a community in a conservation forest. with here natural cost abundant both water and forest and has been brought further to the tourism as well natural resource management and the environment in the community with quality Tourists can do adventurous activities in the midst of beautiful nature, boating through rocky gorges along the route, rafting along the river for more than 4 kilometers, and there are also many interesting attractions such as Wat Phu Khao Thong, worshiping the reclining Buddha image for auspiciousness. with tourists who are over a thousand and seven hundred years old learn sufficiency economy Kluay Hin Plak Group Goat group, black chicken group, etc.



  • Meet at Khao Lang community meeting point. "Wat Phu Khao Thong" community guides are waiting to get to know each other. and the history of the Khao Lak community snack Prepared to receive tourists
  • Learn about the Hin Plak banana group. It is one of the famous products. Ban Khao Lak Community It has a unique flavor that is sweet and crunchy. Suitable for a snack
  • Visit the Goat and Black Chicken Group Sufficiency Economy Learning Center


  • have lunch Local menu from community ingredients Create a traditional southern menu.


  • Rafting at Ban Khao Lak for more than 4 kilometers, takes about 1 and a half hours per round by kayaking for 2-3 people, sailing from the upper reaches of the forest of Khao Lak. Khlong Khao Sung to Khlong Lam Chon and Khlong Rampura before leaving the Trang River which along both sides of the road will experience the beauty of nature, both large and small forests.
  • Return from rafting, take a shower and change clothes before heading back.

Go Green

  • Traveling on a nature trail by walking To reduce the use of vehicles that use fuel and energy to travel. Reduce pollution caused by vehicles
  • reduce electricity consumption Because it is an outdoor activity and natural place.
  • reduce the use of plastic according to the form of activities

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