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Trip Design by The Destiny (Full Day)

Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai, Thailand

about the community

The construction of the city of "Chiang Saen" in the past has been recorded as a creation based on the belief in the universe. Based on the principles of astrology such as the first immigration of Phaya Saen Phu. or location of the ghost door used for transporting the dead body out of the city, etc., together with the city of Chiang Saen with various temples In the city wall area up to 76 temples, each temple has a story. Different styles and architectures are strikingly beautiful. Activities to heal the astrologers, worship the relics Therefore, it is like bringing culture and beliefs to protect the city. join the faith Reviving the civilization of the temples in Chiang Saen came up again by making offerings in the ancient Lanna style and offering them to the temple according to the direction that is auspicious Along with taking a tram to see the old city and listen to the interesting history and beliefs of Chiang Saen from past to present.



  • Travel to the meeting point of Chiang Saen Old Town. Get to know your community guide and learn about the beliefs and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation today.
  • horoscope with astrology predictions (Use slate and stone pencils) to determine the path to carry out the trip. to head to enhance the destiny according to the temple based on the principles of astrology
  • Worship-making activities, making beautiful bouquets of flowers to bring to worship along the temples along the route


  • lunch from the local menu in the menu name "Pinto four land" (if the number is less than 5 people will adjust to eat local food from a restaurant in the community)


  • Visit the Chiang Saen National Museum and listen to the long history of Chiang Saen. Yonok Nakhon old town The origin of civilization and good faith
  • Cycle through the city and the ancient ruins of history. Evidence of stories in ancient times
  • perform an offering ceremony for auspiciousness at the famous relics (depending on the destiny of those who look good in the morning which side to add luck) Farewell to the community and return safely

Go Green

  • Riding a bicycle instead of using a tram in the past Do not use vehicles powered by fuel or electricity. to save energy and not cause pollution
  • Lunch is local food. therefore can reduce the freight To reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases as well.
  • raw materials used for cooking It is a chemical free raw material. Therefore, no chemicals are used in the cultivation process. can reduce environmental contamination

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