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Always missing you @Kidtuang Cottage (Half Day)

Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Thailand

about the community

A place of beautiful memories that fills us with nostalgia “Think of Cottage” accommodation located on a fisherman's island along the Krabi River called Ban Koh Klang. The atmosphere in the midst of the mangrove forest is only a 10-minute long-tail boat ride from Chao Fa Pier. This is not just a place to stay but a place where you can enjoy many activities. and the history of the Muslim community that will impress the visitors. Guarantee that when you have the opportunity to come "Miss Cottage", you will miss this place. I'm definitely thinking about Krabi all the time.



  • Meet at "Miss Cottage", get to know the owner of the place. Enjoy the conversation in a warm atmosphere.
  • Learn how to make colors from fresh flowers grown in the community. both getting to know the flowers that give color Squeezing out the color and experimenting with color mixing from flowers Use your imagination without boundaries.
  • Do a postcard activity from natural colors. To create a postcard to keep as a souvenir for those we miss.
  • Visit and try making desserts for someone special. “Knom Kleem Mala”, fresh flower cookies that are used with the intention of carefully placing flower petals, are edible. Carefully place on cookies before baking until the cookies are perfectly cooked. and still have beautiful colors of flowers Outstanding with delicious taste. It can be taken back as a very special souvenir.


  • Embrace the feeling of euphoria this time. Before leaving, the trip ends with impressions and nostalgia in order to wait for the day to meet again.

Go Green

  • Ingredients used to make cookies and other dishes It is an organic raw material such as fruit and vegetable beverages. Tea and cookies from flowers for safety without chemicals in both the production and the planting process
  • Flower postcard making activity can reduce the use of chemical paint It is a valuable use of raw materials in the community. and to reduce transportation reduce pollution as well

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