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River life, Riverside Banleam Community (Full Day)

Bang Pla Ma, Suphan Buri, Thailand

About the community

Ban Laem Subdistrict Community Bang Pla Ma District, the way of life next to the river It is an old community along the Tha Chin River. Along both sides of the river are lined with ancient Thai-style houses. and an old temple with a long history Pictures of the traditional way of life almost a hundred years ago. also have to experience It's like going back in time again. Activities that should not be missed when visiting Ban Laem Community is sailing to pay homage to the Buddha image Follow in the footsteps of King Rama V's early visits, traces back to Nirat Suphan of Soonthornphu.



  • welcome to "Baan Suan Land Mother" Ban Laem Suphan Buri Community Ready to get to know the community
  • Learn how to make herbal chili paste, an ancient recipe of the community.


  • Have lunch made with local ingredients into creative seasonal local dishes


  • Paddle or row a boat to see the Thai way of life and the river. which comes with the story of the first visit of R.E. 123 of Lord Buddha, Rama V, retracing Nirat Suphan Sunthon Phu
  • Stop by a boat to pay homage to Luang Pho Yai, the principal Buddha image at the ubosot of Wat Sukkasem. The largest ordination hall in the Suphan River basin
  • Visit the Dara Temple The legendary temple of Nirat Suphan Soonthornphu More than 200 years old, pay homage to the Buddha image, see a large ancient satue tree.
  • End with activities Invented a drinking straw from an oak tree. A tree in the legend of Nirat Suphan Soonthornphu
  • Travel back safely with full knowledge of history.

Go Green

  • Reduce the consumption of fuel and electric power in travel. by changing to walking Rowing and rowing instead
  • Invented a drinking straw from an oak tree. This is a useful use of local natural materials. add value Save on wastage costs Most importantly, they can be reused, reducing the use of plastic straws that are disposable as well.

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