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Living Like Farmer @Banleam (Full Day)

Bang Pla Ma, Suphan Buri, Thailand

about the community

Ban Laem Subdistrict Community Bang Pla Ma District traditional farming lifestyle also have to experience It's like going back in time to being a kid again. Activities that should not be missed When I came to visit Ban Laem Community, it was a fertile agricultural plantation. A life that does not depend on money Finding a living in a home The small happiness that can happen all around you. Suitable for resting the body and resting the tired mind. and breathe clean air The weather in the capital was extremely difficult to find.



  • welcome to “Ban Suan Din Mae”, Ban Laem Community, Suphan Buri, take a ride on the community skylap car that comes to wait to pick you up, then travel to a mixed-use agricultural plantation.
  • to the mixed farm Get to know the parents who take care of the agricultural garden. Sit and relax under a chill atmosphere. Indulge yourself with nature that is outstanding with a variety of local ingredients. Organic vegetable plots, rice fields, fish ponds and more
  • Take the challenge to find seasonal ingredients in the community agricultural garden. Have fun and enjoy cooking to your taste.


Indulge in local dishes for lunch created by you.


  • when the skin is tight eyelids sag Therefore, there is free time to sit back and relax.
  • prepare to go back with full energy ready to fight the new day

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking can reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.
  • Use chemical-free raw materials It can reduce the chemicals that may be left in the environment.
  • Use seasonal vegetables It is the environmental concern from planting, maintenance and harvesting processes.

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