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Baan Khok Mueang Villages, Buriram (Full Day)

Prakhon Chai, Buri Ram, Thailand

about the community

Experience the Southern Isan Civilization and the simple way of life of "Ban Khok Muang", Prakhon Chai District Buriram Province An old community located in a historical area. There is an important archaeological site, "Prasat Muang Tam", an ancient Khmer castle that is more than 1,400 years old. Ban Khok Muang is also outstanding in its location. Which is on the plains, volcanic land that is rich causing people here to make a living in agriculture mostly And there are famous agricultural products such as volcanic rice. Ban Khok Muang also has a wide variety of handcrafted products to choose from, such as silk fabrics, natural mud-dyed fabrics or reed mats.



  • Meet at Community Chef, Ban Khok Muang, with community representatives waiting to welcome you. Ready to have a snack before starting the fun activities. Throughout the day in Ban Khok Muang community
  • Start green activities Hop on a bicycle and ride with the elders in the community to explore the atmosphere of Ban Khok Muang. Stop by the reed mat weaving group, a famous product here.

Lunch Time

  • Local cooking activities with community chefs Create an excellent menu Local taste in Ban Khok Muang style, ready for lunch together


  • After eating It's time to move your legs and move your legs one more time. by which we will choose a lover's bike Continue cycling to do DIY activities, natural tie dye fabrics fermented with baray mud for thousand years
  • Ban Khok Muang also has many interesting things to see. Soon we will continue to learn the history at the ancient sites in the community, such as Ban Khok Mueang Ruesi Ruesi. The low sea moat (barai thousand years) and the lower city castle that is more than 1,400 years old
  • Stop by to buy souvenirs at the souvenir shop. before saying goodbye to the community with a smile and impression

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Reduce fuel consumption by switching to cycling in some activities
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind can save electricity
  • tie-dyeing use natural colors Millennium Baray Mud Fermentation This makes no chemical contaminants in the process and environment.

Route Package

2,213.00 ฿

Price / Adult

2,213.00 ฿

Price / Child


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