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Village of Organic (Half Day)

San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

about the community

"Pan Muan Jai, Aew On Tai, Ban Jummuang Yen", eat in a healthy way, travel in a healthy way at On Tai "On Tai", a small sub-district, just half an hour away from Chiang Mai city. Cycling among beautiful mountain landscapes, passing rivers, boats and farms. Compliment and collect vegetables from the kitchen garden in the backyard. Taste local specialties Enjoy the art and weaving work. Handicrafts that are famous for the community And a great idea to please the green line with a variety of activities that will make us more environmentally friendly. This place is suitable for all genders. suitable for all ages Full of flavor at On South



  • Welcome tourists at On Tai Farm Get to know the beautiful community in a warm and friendly way.
  • Learn about the famous handicrafts from the new horizon, Handloom. learn the way of the community Inheriting weaving, embroidery, weaving
  • Choose to buy products made of high quality, well-crafted, exported fabric bags produced by the community. at Isada cloth bag
  • Cycling to travel in Thung On Tai, a small community but cares about the environment and health.
  • See art and ceramic sculptures painted on the ridge of the wall. with listening to folk music Have fun at Tao On Tai Art Garden
  • Aesthetics and art to enjoy open air style at Chiang Mai Art Museum


  • have lunch Focusing on organic vegetables and fruits from On Tai Farm and the community's backyard. Create a unique dish that is ready to give sustainability to nature and good health for us.


  • Get to know and learn about farming methods from “On Tai Farm, Sustainable Farm”, an organic farm with all flavors. Fresh in every menu Vegetable Planting Learning Center and Inspiring Community-Based Tourism
  • Farewell to the community with a new impression and knowledge from this southern land.

 Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking can reduce transportation pollution.
  • Use chemical-free raw materials To reduce the chemicals that may be left in the environment.
  • Use seasonal vegetables for environmental friendliness
  • Reduce the use of fuel and electricity to travel by switching to walking instead.
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind to save electricity

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