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Luang Nuea Villages , Chiang Mai (Full Day)

Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

about the community

Traveling in Chiang Mai in a warm and friendly way Ready to learn the Tai Lue ethnic culture at "Tai Lue Community, Mueang Luang Nuea" This tour has green activities. Let us have a full day of fun together. Experience a simple lifestyle Filled with smiles, a symbol of happiness from parents in the community, open up new experiences by trying something that has never been done before. with blessings for "living, eating sweet" in a new era of saving the world Let's try to dress up in Tai Lue riding a bicycle while looking like a young Chiang Mai young man who cares about the environment once.



  • Yue, eat sweet, receive the word "Hello", wish you well-being from parents and warmly welcome you into the embrace of the Tai Lue people.
  • Aew Huan visits the cliff and visit the Baiboon Tai Lue Thai Wisdom Learning Center Museum Get to know the house culture and experience the way of life of the Tai Lue people
  • Perforated Thai Style Tote Bag Copy the pattern onto your own bag without relying on advanced technology. Old wisdom that is still in use today


  • Have a full lunch with Tai Lue menu Authentic northern food in Tai Lue ethnicity.


  • Cycling to visit Sri Mung Muang Temple Worshiping the Lord Buddha and religious places for auspiciousness Admire the beautiful architecture of the temple, showing off the art skills Paint the wooden doll, Mr. Toh. Fun creative activities that can be done at any age and can be taken home as a souvenir
  • Cycling through the green path Visit the expansive rice fields and go take a cool photo Continue at the bamboo tunnel
  • Spin back to the Tai Lue Thai Wisdom Learning Center, Ban Bai Boon. Before saying goodbye and leaving with an impressive journey back

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Reduce fuel consumption by switching to cycling in some activities
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind can save electricity

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