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Walking along Baan Rim Klong Homestay , Samut Songkhram (Full Day)

Mueang Samut Songkhram, Samut Songkhram, Thailand

about the community

Visit a coconut plantation near Bangkok at “Baan Rim Klong” Homestay in Samut Songkhram Province Doing activities in the atmosphere of Ban Suan Rim Klong Under the most shady coconut trees, the gardeners gathered the flowers from the beginning. By using the resources that are available efficiently since the production of the product and bring it into a fun activity Open the house to learn the farmer's wisdom and learn how to be a model community for sufficiency economy. Ready to be filled with delicious food in the canal style Enjoy cycling in the garden. Enjoy a day Finish by shopping for coconut products. The ingredients are famous for the community itself.



  • Welcome to Ban Rim Khlong community with refreshing herbal juice. and delicious Thai desserts Listen to the story of the coconut plantation community at Ban Rim Khlong Source of various coconut products
  • Learn how to weave a hat from coconut leaves. Local wisdom that brings natural materials in the community to create benefits and receive a coconut leaf weave hat as a use in the trip and can be taken home as a souvenir
  • Cycling in the community Visit Ban Lan Thom Vegetable Garden


  • Pick up fresh vegetables and have them ready to eat with your meals at lunch.
  • lunch with a unique menu “Pad Thai with Fresh Shrimp” recipe at Baan Rim Klong with fresh vegetables from the garden


  • Remove the leftover coconut husks. Let's do creative activities by making natural tie dye fabrics from coconut shells It is a brown color that can be said to be beautiful like no other.
  • Make a simple Thai dessert from coconut. With fresh coconut from the garden, secret recipe for deliciousness that you can take home and make it yourself.
  • Say goodbye to the community and the coconut tree with an impression.

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Reduce fuel consumption by switching to cycling in some activities
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind can save electricity

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