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Thung Yipeng Villages, Krabi Province (Half Day)

Ko Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

about the community

Take a morning shower and experience the morning atmosphere at Ao Lanta. Krabi with a community of poets and conservationists full of charm Just the first step to touch “Thung Yee Peng Community” is enough for the clock to stop spinning to find peace. Traditional fishing methods, forests and the vast Andaman Sea. Send your heart to the pure and wonderful nature. that brings us back to thank everyone A day on the earth that this special gift is given in the form of abundant nature. Let us admire, learn, change and take care of ourselves and the environment at the same time.


Early morning 5.00 a.m.

  • Pick up customers from their accommodation on Koh Lanta to travel to Thung Yee Peng. A coastal village on the east side of Koh Lanta Yai. (in the case of delivery)
  • Classic old canoe Enjoy the sound of nature in the morning. in the midst of tranquility under the shade of the trees Watch the first light of dawn Sailing until the mouth of Lanta Bay, experiencing the vastness of the eastern sea of ​​Koh Lanta which can see the sea and the sky as far as the eye can see Along with sipping coffee, eating local snacks Mix and match the atmosphere.
  • Cruise heading to a small canal. Get close to the pristine forest See colorful clawed crabs Look closely at the footfish and crab. There are many on this mangrove forest.


  • cruise back to shore Walk on the bridge over the abundant nature trails. Head over to have breakfast for local dishes from the community chefs.
  • Workshop activities, tea collecting and roasting of Lampeng tea, local herbal teas
  • Farewell to the community in the late afternoon before returning to the accommodation with an impression

Go Green

  • Using local ingredients for cooking to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Reduce fuel consumption By changing to an ancient canoe in the activity
  • various activities done in the open air Use natural light and wind can save electricity

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