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Akha set A Doi Pha Mee Coffee

Set Menu Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Akha set A

Doi Pha Mee Coffee Shop It is the first coffee shop on Doi Pha Mi. The atmosphere of the shop has many beautiful viewpoints. great photo angle It can be called Unseen, Doi Pha Mi. Pha Mi Coffee Shop Besides being famous for its delicious coffee There are also local dishes of the Akha people. That will give you a delicious taste of authentic Akha food from the community as well.

Menu in the set

  • Akha Vegetable Salad

  • Pork Shu Root
  • Akha Bean Chili Paste
  • cooked rice

Go Green

- Akha food in natural containers - Friendly cooking with selected ingredients cooking planning And planning to use energy can help with global warming. - The use of organic vegetables and fruits in the cooking. It is considered to help reduce pollution from the beginning. Because of the use of pesticides and chemicals in the planting Can reduce the deterioration and the negative effects that will occur on the soil and water resources. - Try to buy raw materials in the local area near the home. Reduce pollution from the transportation process Reduce shipping costs The community also eats delicious, fresh food close to home. Farmers in the area received more support.

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275.00 ฿

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2 person(s)

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