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Jinnaluck Golden Silk Facial Mask Spa

Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Jinnaluck Golden Silk Facial Mask Spa 

Natural Golden Silk Facial Mask 

Jinnaluck Miracle of Sa, Pang Ha community, Chiang Rai


“Gold silk Facial Mask”, the unique innovation from local wisdom and miracle of weaving naturally silk threads by its silkworms. The golden silk facial mask won the best innovation award 2003 by its richness of Celik sericin and intense pure protein which helps to nourish potentially your facial skin.


Sericin extract of silk cocoon, pure natural substance in golden silk facial mask helps to..

  1. Brighten your skins naturally
  2. Reduce freckles and dark spots 
  3. Treat inflamed ances 
  4. Lifting and pores tightening 
  5. Balance and firm skin cells
  6. Moisturize and hydrate skins
  7. High Antioxidance
  8. Skin shining with 18 amino acids 


  • The golden silk masks are produced from natural materials.
  • Normally, a silk weaving process starts from boiling or steaming the silk cocoons in hot water in order to soften and prepare them for unreeling by hand. 
  • Spa rooms are designed comfortably in open space in order to reduce electricity. A fan is installed instead of an air conditioner. 
  • LED bulbs are used alternatively if the daylight is not enough. 


In case of allergies, pregnancy and personal diseases should be noticed upon taking this spa service. 

Spa Voucher Package

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990.00 ฿

Price / Child


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