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Herbal Compress Spa, Baan Pong, Chiang Mai Hang Dong, Chiang Mai

Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Herbal Compress Sa 

Baan Pong Community, Chiang Mai


Herbal compress spa, a local wisdoms inherited from generations to generations, ia an art of healing which combines the richness of local thai herbs with an art of thai massage of Baan Pong community to ensure the relief of pains and inflammations, enrich your body in order for relaxation and stimulate also the blood circulation.


During 1-hour of service, a herbal compress will be applied to enrich and relieve your body with the richness and benefits of thai local herbs as following : 

  1. Phlai (Cassumunar ginger) : relieve pain and bruises 

  2. Turmeric : Reduce inflammation from bug bites and allergy

  3. Tamarind leaf : Skins nourishment

  4. Som Poi leaves (Acacia Concinna) : Dermatitis treatment

  5. Kaffir lime peel essential oil:  Relaxation

  6. Camphor: Joints pain relief and anti-infective 

  7. Pandan leaf: dermatitis treatment 

  8. Lemon glass: relaxation, pain relief, inflammation and perspiration

  9. galangal: skin moisturising


  • All herbs in a compress are sourced in the local community that helps to reduce a number of carbon emissions from logistics and transportation.
  • Spa rooms are designed comfortably in open space in order to reduce electricity. A fan is installed instead of an air conditioner.
  • LED bulbs are used alternatively if the daylight is not enough. 


  • Herbs and essential oil may cause allergy 

  • Herbal compress spa may cause burn skin and inflammation among diabetic and paralysis patients, children and elders. 

  • Avoid using herbal compress in case of inflammation within 24-hours.

  • Should not take a shower immediately after spa. Rest for a while for absorption.

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